Thursday, March 10, 2016

Champion of Hearts

Boxer dogs, what can I say. If you have owned a boxer, you know what I am talking about! We have had two, our eldest girl past away two years ago. Boy do we still miss her.

Our other girl, Seaka, is 10-years-old. Which means our time is limited. Although, you would never really know she is an elderly dog! She still has a heart of gold and the mind of a pup.

Boxers are known for being great family dogs. They can decipher between playing with an adult versus a child. Seaka Raei is one of the kindest and gentlest dogs to our two children, always has been. She loves them to pieces, yet protects them when it is needed.

So this new card goes out to our Heffalump. She is the champion of our hearts for sure!

For this card, I used Monday Mojo's newest card challenge. 

 I used KaDoodle Bug Design's Boxer Dog svg file, which I requested! I can never find a boxer dog svg file and now I have one!

After cutting and assembling, it was time to detail the pieces. 

Boxers originated in 1895 in Germany. Many people bought them thinking they would be good guard dogs like the Doberman or German Shepard. While boxers will protect their property and family when needed, generally they are too soft to be a rough and tough kinda dog! 

Since Seaka is brindle, I used my eBrush to float some gray, darker tones, and browns onto this boxer to give it some sort of brindle coloring!

Once I was happy with the pieces, I had to see how I could place them all onto the Mojo challenge. With a little bit of maneuver, I think it works well! 


Materials Used:
Silhouette Cameo
Tacky Glue
Scotch ATG Gun
Craftwell eBrush
Sharpie Markers
Mojo Monday Challenge #438:

Happy crafting and thank you for observing!



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