Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Xyron with Deep Red Stamps

Hello all. Boy am I excited to share my project with you. Xyron teamed up with Deep Red Stamps this week.

I chose the Hibiscus and Cupcake Border rubber stamps. When I received my order, to my pleasant surprise, they added in a Boho Longhorn stamp. I took some time to think of if I was going to use all three stamps for my project or just focus on one. However, they are all great stamps so I had to use them all.
Since they don't cohesively really go together, I made three different projects. And just because I like to challenge myself, I threw in a wood burning gun and some wooden tags into the mix and hoped for the best.
To start with, I stamped each image onto a wooden tag while my burning tool heated up.

After the ink dried, I got to burning. You can see the difference between ink and burn in images 2 and 3 below.
Next I grabbed some of my acrylic paints and got to painting

I slowly built up the layers to what I wanted on each tag. I just rotated each tag until it was dry and continued painting on the other ones while waiting. 
The Boho Longhorn skull was the last one I painted and it turned out to be my most favorite one. Simple mixed with the shaded burnt wood.

Set #1: 

After I got all the tags burnt and painted, I started on the boxes and cards that the tags would go on. (I used my eBrush to bring in color around the edges of the succulent in box 1 and the pedals on box 2)
Once I had the card base and pieces cut out, I ran the pieces through the Xyron Creative Station®
Next I stamped each stamp onto paper tags for the cards. I grabbed my Derwent Watercolor pencils to color each image.
Once the image is colored, simply run a small brush with a bit of water over it and it turns it into more of a water colored image.

Final Projects:

Set # 2

Using the Xyron Mega Runner®  made making these boxes a quick and easy task. I didn't have to wait for glue or anything to dry.
Same goes for the Xyron Creative Station®. Using these adhesive stations allows me to work much faster.

Set #3: 

This set was probably the easiest. Perhaps because I had all the experience from the first two, who knows! ;)

 I assembled the cupcake on the backing paper after running it through the Xyron Creative Station® until I was ready to adhere it to the top of the box.

Materials Used: 
FTC disclaimer: I received some of these products for free but was not compensated for writing this post. To view my complete disclaimer, click here.


  1. Good Gosh Woman �� What an amazing idea!!! You are THE Genius!!!!

  2. This is absolutely WONDERFUL! Combining several talents into these projects was a great idea. I love the addition of the woodburned tags.


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FTC disclaimer: I received some of these products for free but was not compensated for writing this post.