Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Xyron and Paper House

FTC disclaimer: I received some of these products for free but was not compensated for writing this post. To view my complete disclaimer, click here.

Hello all! The wonderful design team with Xyron has teamed up with Paper House Productions to bring some great new projects to you. Keep checking Xyron's Facebook Page to find the links to the other team members projects.

Once I received my Sun Drenched stack from Paper House, I decided I should probably get a kick start on our Maui vacation scrapbook. My husband and I had the pleasure of traveling to Maui in 2014 for our friends wedding.
You learn a lot about your significant other while traveling. For instance, my husband is the WORST person to fly next to! They do not make leg room space on an airplane for a 6'3" man! But we had a very memorable vacation. I pulled a few of my favorite memories to start with.

Scrap layout #1: 

One of my favorite things that we did on the trip was a sunset whale watching cruise on the Gemini. After deciding on the photos and paper to use, I designed a rough draft LO in Silhouette Studio.
I knew I wanted an anchor, a whale, and a wheel somewhere on my layout. I happened to have this little guy in my library and decided to put him to use. After I ran all the pieces through my Xyron Creative Station Lite®, I left the complete assembled title on the paper backing until it was time to adhere to the LO. 
I also like to have movement or texture on my projects so I decided to do some shaker portholes. My Xyron Creative Station® came in handy for this portion as my lite just happened to run out of running tape after the title! Always nice to have a back up plan so I didn't have to run to the store.
After I got the portholes and title done, it was time to assemble!
I used the Xyron Mega Runner®  to adhere all large pieces of paper and photos to the LO. When I scrapbook, I like clean lines probably because I take too many photos so I need room, lots and lots of room for those photos!
Scrap LO #1 final results: 
There was a HUGE HUGE difference between whale watching in Maui vs the Oregon coast. We were very nervous to go on the catamaran because our first whale excursion resulted in me feeding the fish my lunch. Yeah don't go whale watching on a diesel tiny little boat after lunch while 6 months pregnant. Not a good combo!!!
We followed three whales. Two males were fighting over the female so I was able to get some good photos. 

Scrap layout #2: 
It was a toss up between our trip to the Kula Botanical Gardens or the Old Lahaina Luau photos to scrap next. I decided on the gardens because it was something that we did just the two of us.
I again designed a quick rough draft. One thing I did different for this one was after I designed it, I welded the circles, flowers, and photo mounts together. This just gave me a super simple guide as to where everything will go once every piece is cut.
To capture some of the colors we saw in Maui, I decided to use a few sheets of the colorful papers found in this Paper House stack for the flowers. By cutting the flowers the way I did, it made it so each flower is different with little effort. 
For the title I decided to use my 1.5" Sticker Maker because the font is a delicate kind and I wanted to get the adhesive on there evenly, yet not waste a bunch of running tape from any of my other Xyron machines.
 Once everything was cut out...
 I ran the pieces through the Xyron Creative Station®...
and applied adhesive to the back of the photos and the circle to finish off this layout.

Scrap LO #2 final results: 
 Yup, that's my husband! My daily entertainment.

Products Used: 
FTC disclaimer: I received some of these products for free but was not compensated for writing this post. To view my complete disclaimer, click here.



  1. How are some are these!!! Wow! I really wish I made scrapbooks seeing yours <3

    1. Awe thank you Helle! I need to get moving on my scraps, but I have too many other projects rolling around.


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FTC disclaimer: I received some of these products for free but was not compensated for writing this post.