Monday, August 28, 2017

Doctor and Nurses Thank you

I had an order for two thank you cards. One for a doctor and one for a team of nurses. I decided to go the route of medical uniforms to match the profession. I felt that DCWV's 'Wild & Fancy' stack was perfect for this project.
Image result for dcwv wild and fancy
I love the double sided stacks so that the inside of the cards is already decorated and ready to go!
For the doctor's coat and nurses uniformed I designed in Silhouette's Studio~designer edition by using shapes and molding it to what I needed it for.
 For the silver on the stethoscopes, I used Rinea foil
 The gold pin is also from Rinea foil.

While I have a deep respect for doctors and other practitioners, I believe that nurses really hold the glue to the healthcare industry.
 I haven't met a nurse yet that isn't naturally caring and compassionate.
 Each pocket has to hold all the good stuff!

Materials Used: 

DCWV 'Wild& Fancy' stack
Silhouette Cameo 3
Silhouette Studios~Designer Edition
Aleene's Original glue
Rinea foil~Silver

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

If you can read this...

BRING COFFEE! Coffee, coffee, coffee. How else is there a way to start a day?! Recently I requested a coffee file for one particular project in mind. However Kenzie with SVG Attic, went above and beyond creating a whole new SDS Coffee Break set so I had to do more than just the vinyl project I had in mind.
SDS Coffee Break
Now, there is nothing better than grabbing a coffee and a good book to get lost from the world! Recently my husband let me borrow his tablet with the Kindle app installed, good luck getting it back sweetheart! 
I have wanted to put this vinyl saying on the back of it for awhile now to show case my three obsessions in life, reading, coffee, and crafting.
The vinyl I used has a few different things that takes it to the next level. For example, the pink is glittery. 
 The gray for the cup is textured

And the sea green is my favorite color this week

The vinyl I used has a few things going for it, texture on the cup, glitter on the pink, and my favorite color for the fancy font. 
I decided I couldn't have my coffee set without including a k-cup holder. So I modified one from the Dino Dig set.
 ***To see how I modified this box from the Dino Dig set, please visit the tutorial here: Sugar Bean Cards***
 There's just something good about a nice hot coffee in a paper cup!
 Add in a pastry and it completes the day for sure.
 This little card is a perfect size for a quick note to a friend or co-worker.
I added some pop up tape behind the message just for a little bit of pop.

Materials Used: 

DCWVinc. 'Minty Lace' stack
SVG Attic 'SDS Coffee Break' and 'JGW Dino Dig' sets
Silhouette Cameo 3
Silhouette studios~Designers edition
Aleene's Original Tacky Glue 

How to slice and dice a file

In this picture tutorial, I am going to showcase how to take one file, the Dino Dig box from SVG Attic and make it into a K-cup holder for a set I did based off of SVG Attic's Coffee Break set. 

To start with, this is what the original box looks like. 

Step 1: Open file in Silhouette Studio~Designers Edition

Eliminate the dino and extra decorative panels

Step 2: Release Compound Path

Highlight the top panel
Right click on photo to find 'release compound' tab
(some files you have to use the release compound AND ungroup tabs)

Step 3: Eliminate the large oval window (optional)

Click on the oval, right click for menu, delete

 Step 4: Make Compound Path

Highlight the remaining componenets of the top panel
Right click
Find 'make compound path'

Step 5: Slice and Dice

I needed to eliminate the side panels for two reasons. One, I like to see what kind of k-cups are in the gift box and two, the width of the cups are wider than the current side panels. 
The slice tool is in the upper Left hand corner, second icon from the bottom. Make sure your settings are on solid, straight, and I prefer to unclick the auto apply button so I can make sure my lines all line up before dicing.
Once the line is where it needs to be, highlight the red line and click on apply (next to auto apply button)
 Remove the panels and delete them (I also sliced off the little tab on the bottom of the top panel pictured here)
 Step 6: Creating the inside k-cup holder
 Most standard k-cup widths are going to be 1.698" squared
After making the circles, I took the width of the outside of the box to create a rectangle large enough to accommodate two k-cups.
The rectangle will need to be wide enough to have bend down tabs to adhere to the inside walls of the box
To find the correct width for this, I simply took the measurements of the bottom of my box and allowed enough extra to add the bend down tabs.
Finalized, this is what I had left. Now it looks like a lot of steps, but it really only took about 10-15 minutes to do this modification
For the complete finalized set you can see it on SVG Attic's Blog

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Carousel Dreams

Today I have a few projects from one of SVG Attic's newest sets, Carousel Dreams. When I first saw this set, I knew I had to do the gift bag, 3D horse, and one of the cards! Cyndy did an excellent job designing this set.
CG Carousel Dreams
When I began planning this project, all I knew was that I wanted to use some rose gold paper. Which I just happened to have ONE sheet left from my Rose Quartz stack courtesy of DCWVinc. 
If I had a full stack of just this rose gold paper, I would be a happy crafter! But since I only had one sheet left, I had to be selective on what detailed parts I could use the rose for. 
 For the horses, I decided to go with a cream/tan/brown scheme.
 I placed some clear vellum on the back of the bag so that when I use it, nothing falls out of it!
 I used the same papers for all three projects to keep within the theme.
The one thing about photographing the rose gold is that different angles show a different color. Dark, light, just right.
The light pink blanket bounces the light off the bottom of the bag, yet the top is
I think out of the whole set, the 3D horse is my favorite. But maybe the bag as well, no I really like the card as well.

 I just love this box card!
 Plus it lies down flat for shipping!

Materials Used: 

DCWV 'Rose Quartz' stack
SVG Attic 'CG Carousel Dreams' set
Silhouette Cameo 3
Silhouette Studio-designer edition
Aleene's Original Tacky Glue