Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Crafting Supplies

Let's talk about crafting supplies for a second! It is no secret that DCWV inc. is one of my favorite manufacturer's of paper. No scratch that, they are my favorite! I would say 90% of the paper I own is from DCWV. So when I found out they were coming out with a new line of stacks AND double sided at that, I had to run to Joann's and buy me some! 

I find that the double sided stacks saves on paper waste and I am able to get coordinating projects out of fewer sheets as well.  This set of cards for example is from oh about 6 sheets of paper. When normally it would take double that. 

I started with these three sheets from the 'Wild & Fancy' stack. 

Front side: 
 Back Side: 
 I cut them to the size I want to fit a 5in. x 7in. card base
 Next I grabbed the marble sheet and cut out the banner and sentiment tags I wanted to use for each card.
 I used the Fiskar stamp press (first time) to aid in lining up the stamps.

This press is easy to use. Line up your stamp on the belly of the mechanism
 Ink it
 Line it up to whatever you are stamping
 And press on all four corners to stamp
 Next I took the banner edging and ran it through my Xyron sticker maker

I grabbed my Silhouette tools to help aid in removing excess stickiness
 First I ran my scrapper over the top and bottom
 Then I took the end of my pick and ran it around each line and corner of the pieces
 Once it is peeled off, it comes off nice and clean with no extra clean up needed

 Now us crafty peeps tend to find a reason to use "non craft related" items. For example, my husband has had this roll of foam in the garage since he installed the new windows in the house a few years back. I go through a lot of pop up tabs. One + One = mama's new craft aid!
 I like that the thickness on this roll is not overly thick.
 It gives the item just a nice little pop for depth.
 Out of 5 sheets of paper, I was able to get two 5in. x 7in. bases, two banners, and two sentiment tags ready to adhere to a card base!
 And although one is dark and one is light in color, the contrast still matches nicely.

My most used crafting tool would definitely be one of my Silhouette machines. Currently Towanda, my Cameo 3, is banging out all the work!
One of the new features on the Cameo 3 that got me excited is the double carriage. The Curio has this feature and I use it all the time when using that machine. 
The double carriage allows you to cut and draw, score, etch and more at the same time. The pen is a Pigma Micron and is used with the aid of the pen adjustment tool. 

With the Silhouette Studio (Designers Edition) comes the ability to make and use SVG Files. 
And today's files are from Scrappy Dew's Medical Palz set
Medical Palz
I like to cut everything out on the mat to help keep me more organized when I am doing multiple files at once.
 Details, details, details.
 A simple dot of ink on the end of a q-tip can bring a face alive.

 Craftwell's eBrush is one of my favorite tools to use. Currently it is down for the count unfortunately, and I do miss that little glorious machine.
 Add in some glue (I use Aleene's Original tacky glue), tape (Scotch ATG gun or Teresa Collins Mega Runner), and a card base and we have a set of cards!

Thank you for viewing what it takes to make a card!



  1. Love the stack you've used to create your project. Wonderful Cards!


  2. I love DCWV too as well as SEI, Echo Park and Carta Bella! Your little dolls are adorable!

  3. I love DCWV too as well as SEI, Echo Park and Carta Bella! Your little dolls are adorable!

  4. Fantastic job, Sonja! I love playing with interchangable parts and pieces. Have you tried Scrap Factory yet? It's amazing!

    1. I have Scrap factory. I only have one pack and need to get around to using it!

  5. Super cute cards!! Love the paper, so pretty!

    1. Thank you Nancy! DCWV outdid themselves this time! I love all of the new stacks

  6. What super cute cards Sonja!!! I have yet to hit Joann's to find these new stacks. You have inspired me!


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