2016 Favorite Project Round-up

Can you believe another year has flown by already? Where has life gone?! For me, it seems to have gone to crafting. With no complaints from me of course, I crave crafting, I need crafting, if I go a day without crafting I start getting antsy. No worries though, I do not have a problem, well maybe...

I have rounded up my top five favorite projects that I did for 2016. Since crafting is an everyday event for me, I had to think long and hard about which five projects were my favorite. Lets get started...

#5 We Decided on Forever

The Live, Love, Laugh wine bottle set from this post is my favorite part of this whole set. The way they illuminate the vinyl off of the painted bottles makes for a nice serene night light.

#4 Cottages

The fourth favorite project was done in three different posts. I did a haunted Halloween cottage, a fall cottage, and a winter cottage. I loved the different results of all three. However, my eye is drawn more to the soft colors of the winter cottage.

#3 Etching Therapy

This was a fun project. It brought me back to high school days and etching mirrors in art class. These two extra large mugs were a joy to etch.

#2 The Game of Life

This card was so fun because it was a challenge. A lot of hours of planning and executing went into this one. I was able to use the print and cut feature as well as the Silhouette Pens for the little signs to capture 40 years shared between a husband and wife.

I have to say my favorite project of 2016 was this Memorial Day tribute. This project was a small thanks to all those men and women who have fought, are fighting, and will continue fighting for our freedom.

Runner Ups: 

It was actually fun to look back and pick out a few favorite projects. It allows a crafter to see where his/hers strengths lie and where he/she can improve! For a list of materials on each project, just click the link (title) and you can see each post with more photos. 


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