Monday, September 26, 2016

Repurposed Picture Frame

Saturday was my daughter's fourth birthday. She's into all the "pretties" as she calls it.

In order to keep her newest hair things in one place, I decided to repurpose this picture frame that I have had lying around.

To start with, I found this frame in the clearance isle at Michaels for a few dollars cause it was missing the glass.

I didn't necessarily like the dark color so I wanted to lighten it up.

I did want the darker color to peer through. So to achieve the look I was going through, I grabbed my acrylic white and more or less dry brushed it onto the frame. You can also use a soft paper towel to distress the white if you get too much on your frame.
 After letting it dry really well, I grabbed my chicken wire (Home Depot), staple gun (husband's tool stash), and wire cutters (wife's tool stash). Stretch the chicken wire out along the back and staple into place.
 Next, I wanted to make pockets and loops for the bottom of the frame to hold any extra small hair clips, hair ties, and headbands.
 To create the same size loops, you can either measure them out with a ruler or a quicker way is grab two round same sized objects.
 Use the round objects as your guide
 Loop the ribbon up and over it
 Place the second round object on top of the looped ribbon and bend backwards over the second round object
 Glue in place
 This technique gives you even loops
 Next decorate!
Finished product: 

Materials Used:
Old frame
Artist's Loft Acrylic Metallic White paint
DCWV Inc. 'Minty Lace' stack
Image result for dcwv minty lace stack
Chicken Wire
Hot Glue
Floral Garden Burlap Ribbon


  1. Love, love it.😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  3. Very cool project! I love how you created the frame with those pretty flowers!

  4. Truly amazing job! so so cute! Wish I had thought of this when my daughter was little maybe I wouldn't still be finding her hair stuff! lmao. I wonder if you could do this way bigger? hmmmmmm

    1. Oh I am sure you can make it any size you want! Plus, you will have grandkids one day so there's that hope!

  5. What an amazing project! You did a fantastic job!


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