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Peek-a-boo Card Tutorial

I've seen these cards several times as well as tutorials for them. However, all the tutorials I have seen, teach the person how to do it by using a die cut machine such as a Big Shot.

I decided to make up my own version of the Peek-a-boo card, designing it in Silhouette's Designer Edition. I am confident you can do this with a Cricut as well!

It seems like there is a lot of steps, but once you get the general idea down this is by far a super easy, fun, and interactive card. My kinda card!

Card Dimensions: 
5 1/2" squared

Materials Needed: 
Printed cardstock I used DCWV's 'Dear Jane' Stack
Solid cardstock ~ Coredinations
Julie Comstock Laliberi Fabric Brads
Silhouette Cameo
Aleene's Original Tacky glue
Scotch Advance Tape Glider

Step One: In Silhouette's Design Studio

  • Make two boxes using the square icon
  • Adjust the sizes to 5.5" squared (for precise measurements use the adjust widths icon in the upper right hand tool bar)
  • Adjust the smaller rectangle to 2.75" x 4.946"

Step Two:  Align and Weld
Line up both boxes, make sure the smaller rectangle is lined up in the middle of the first line of the box.

How to Align two or more items:

  • Go to the align icon on the upper right tool bar
  •  Find the align middle icon

Step Three: Weld
Right click on both boxes and select weld
Score at the adjoining welds

How to score: 

  • Select the line icon on the left tool bar
  • Make line as long or short as desired
  • Go to the Line Style icon and select the dotted line you desire 

Step Four:
Next, make a template rectangle of 5.5" x 2.750" (this will not be cut out, but it is important to have to align your opening shape)

 Step Five: After finding the shape you want, make sure it fits within the template rectangle. Knowing that I wanted some sort of frame around my oval, I sized the oval smaller to accommodate a frame on the final project.

 ***A few things here. First I made several duplicates in place of the oval. Then I went to the align button and made sure that the ovals (grouped together) were aligned to the middle AND center of the rectangle.***

Step Six: Group the rectangle with the oval. Align the rectangle to the right side and bottom of the face cardstock.

Step Seven: Ungroup the ovals, grab ONE as well as the card face and group together.
 ***Make sure you do not misalign the ovals when moving the template. If you do, just go to the align button and repeat step 5.***

Step Eight: Make a 5.5" x 8.5" and score it in half. (Easiest way, make a 5.5" line, convert to a dotted line, go to align button. Select dotted line and rectangle, align center and middle)

Step Nine: As with the face page, you will align the rectangle template to the right side of the inner insert. Align it, take one oval and the rectangle and group together before removing template and remaining ovals.

Step Ten: Repeat template for oval on the L side. ***Be sure that the right side oval is GROUPED with the rectangle otherwise it could moved during alignment of L side***
Keep the rectangle/oval template for later use

Step Eleven: Make a 5.5" x 5.750" rectangle. Score at 5.5"

Step Twelve: For the decorative panels, I took the face card measurements of 5.5" squared. Then I made another box at 5.284" squared. Align them and KEEP the 5.5" box grouped to the 5.284" box for now. This is important so that your oval will line up correctly!

Step Thirteen: Make sure both squares are grouped together. Align the rectangle template to the right and bottom of the grouped squares. 

Step Fourteen: Repeat for the inner panels ***Inner panel measurements: 5.5" x 4.25" with the inner decoration portion measurements at 5.284" x 4.053"***

Final Cuts:
Phew and this is what you will have ready for cut out! The Card Face, Card Back, Inside Insert will all be cut out of plain cardstock.

Adhere the decorative panels to the card face and inner insert
 Flip both the card face and inner insert over. Adhere the LEFT portion to the back of the card face. DO NOT put any adhesive on the back of the RIGHT hand inner insert panel.
 Smooth out flat and press in place
 Your card should like so
 Next grab the back panel and fold the score line. Adhere the fold to the outer back of the Right inner panel.
 Like so
 When stood up, this is what your card should look like.

 Open to the back flap. Find your image and align it in the oval window
 The image you put on the furthest back panel will be the first seen image on the card face
 Take a pencil and mark where you want the image to be adhered.
 Adhere in place
 Check the alignment of your next image on the smaller tab of the card face
 Adhere to the inside potion after alignment
Have fun decorating!
Front view

 First view
Peek-a-boo~second view
 Card inside

Thank you for learning along with others. Please leave a comment with any questions or thoughts! Have a crafty day! 



  1. Thank You, I am going to try this in Cricut Design Space. 12/13/2016

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