Friday, July 29, 2016

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

High flying birthday wishes

This little set was fun to make! Once I finally figured out what color scheme I wanted that is! I debated for weeks on this one. Did I want to go traditional colors or mix it up a bit. 

I decided to mix it up a bit! 

 I started with the plane which while it looks intimidating in the design area, it actually is easy to put together! 
 Since this is a birthday set for my brother in law, I made sure that the wheels turn and the propeller spins (manually that is). He's a tinkerer! 
 As long as I have known him, he's had a fascination with planes and now he gets to work on them for a living! 
 The card I changed just slightly. I added the stars and changed the design on the back fin just to match the plane. 
 The propeller on the card also spins
 I popped the cockpit and back fin up just to give it a bit of depth! 
Materials Used: 
DCWV  11"x17" 'Double-sided Black White Grey'
'White Ginger' stack
'Envelopes' stack 
SVG Attic Files:
SDS 'Ready for Take off'
SDS Ready For Take Of

Craftwell eBrush
Sharpie Markers
Nicole 'Embellish It' 8MM Brads
Scotch ATG Gun
Aleene's Tacky Glue
Silhouette Cameo

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Digital Stamping with no printer ink...

Hello Beans. Today I am going to give you a photo tutorial of using the digital stamp files (DS). KaDoodle Bug has released a ton of new DS (link at bottom of post).

Now, if you are in the same boat as me, no ink in the printer no need to worry. There's always a solution to a problem!

At first I was not going to participate in this release as my printer is down for the count and most of my Spectrum Noir markers are dried up! But after thinking about it for a day, I bit the bullet and picked out a great brand new DS file, Camping Sweet Bear.

DS Camping Sweet Bear

To start with, open your file. (I am working with Silhouette Studio's Designer Edition)

Step 1: Find your file in either your library

 or where you saved it on your computer.

Step 2: Open it. I like to keep all images of one file on one page so I don't have too many files to save to my library. Save your image to your library if you want easy access to it.

Step 3: Open your tracing tool (If you are using a png file with the print and cut option but you want a smooth cut instead of a square you can still follow these directions, just skip the tracing of the inner image. If you have more questions on this just ask and I can help further!) The tracing tool is highlighted in blue.

Select trace area button and drag arrow over the image you would like to trace.

Step 4: Next, select one of the three options: Trace, Trace Outer Edge, or Trace and Detach
For the first step of tracing, I selected the trace button. All the lines looked good to me so there was no need to mess around with the controls on this particular trace. 

Once the Trace button is selected, it will trace the lines and leave you with a red outlined image. *********Repeat step 4, but select Trace Outer Edge this time over the original photo********* By doing this, you are able to use the Silhouette Pen Tool option to trace all the important lines, while using the cut outer edge feature to cut the outside of your image. 

Repeat the process for all images you wish to use

Step 5: Select the inner image of what you want to use the Silhouette pen function for. 

I will show you what I mean by inner image below. 

The pink highlighted area is the inner image that you will want to use the pen feature on. The red highlight area is the outer image that will be cut AROUND the inner image. I simply pulled them apart to show the difference, but keep them aligned so that your image cuts well

Step 6: After you have selected the inner image, go to the cut tool. Select cut, Silhouette Sketch Pen under Material Type, make any adjustments, take the blade out and place your pen or Silhouette pen holder, then send to Silhouette.


Small tip, if you are cutting/drawing a large amount, the mat tends to bounce around. Just place something of the same level under the mat. I actually find it useful to use my glue container as it rolls with the mat if I need it to. 

Step 7: Unselect the inner image and select the outer layer ONLY, go to the cut tool. Select cut or outer edge. Go to Material Type and find your type of paper, make adjustments. Replace the blade and send to Silhouette.

Step 8: Color and enjoy!! (I used a combination of crayola markers, spectrum noir, and sharpie markers). 

We are doing an all day Color With Us Saturday! Now we will have postings from our DT of their coloring projects but we can't do this without you! And of Course we have prizes! 

First way for prizes, make sure you comment on all the posts on our fan page, ( we will draw a winner from EACH post for a FREE DS file of your choice.

Second go get yourself DS files ( and color your own! Enter it on any of our pages and you will be entered to win more files! So who's excited?! I know I am! Let's Go!

Further questions, just ask! 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sail Away

Finally I was able to catch up and do this weeks Mojo Monday challenge!

I decided to do a reverse easel card for this weeks challenge. 

 Open the flap and there is an area to write a message! 

Materials Used:
DCWV 'Ocean Breeze' Stack

MojoMonday Sketch #457

Craftwell eBrush
Aleene's Original Tacky Glue
Scotch Advanced Tape Glue
Nicole Embelish It 8mm Brad
Silhouette Cameo

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

S'more of you

This was a super fun card to make! I haven't had the time to do a MojoMonday challenge for a couple of weeks, but I managed to carve some time out today even though this particular challenge is over.

 I replaced the circles on the sketch with fireflies. 
 One of my personal goals this year is to spruce up the inside of my cards as well as the outside! 

Materials Used:
DCWV 'Envelopes' Stack

KaDoodle Bug Design: 
Roasting S'mores Skunks
Roasting S'mores Skunks
MojoMonday Sketch #456
Snapdragon Snippet fireflies: 

Craftwell eBrush
Aleene's Original Tacky Glue
Scotch Advanced Tape Glue
Elements Brads
Silhouette Cameo