Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Etching Therapy

So I am not so sure this was really a form of therapy or stress! It took many many many cuts of vinyl to make the stencil for these mugs.

These are some nice heavy duty glass mugs that I needed to personalize for a good cause. Each mug is double etched...


To start with, I went into my design program and put together the design for each mug. The Browning mug started out with a split barrel monogram from the Silhouette Design Store. I added Browning for the personalization of it. Each side is identical.

Wash the surface where you are applying the cream. Warm water and soap worked just fine for me. (Etching cream should on be used on a solid glass surface such as this mug, window, mirror, etc. No plastics!)

I then cut the image out in vinyl and applied it to the mug.

Using Armour Etch cream, I lathered it up real good. Left it on for several minutes and rinsed with warm water.

 (When applying the vinyl or stencil of your choice, make sure you get every edge pressed firmly. Otherwise the cream can sneak under the stencil and etch outside the lines)
This was a new bottle of etching cream. Note, it should NOT be chunky and crystallized like mine was! Be generous with the application and you will want to try and get an even amount of cream over the entire project.

Asking the wife of the person what his favorite beer was, gave me an idea. Playing on his favorite beer and his ability to ignore his wife's questions, I set to work.

^Side A understands!

^Side B doesn't ask questions!


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    1. Thank you Nana! The recipient got it last night. Wish I could see people's faces when they get homemade projects!

  2. these are all so amazing ! Now I have to step up my crafting techniques


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