Thursday, December 10, 2015

What does Santa do after the gifts are all given?

I imagine that right after Santa delivers all of his packages, we will find his chair empty, presents awaiting to be opened, his boots by the chair, the list forgotten for at least another six months, and his clothes warming by the fire!

I was asked to make four Christmas cards, makers choice. (Which I love because when it is left up to me, my imagination runs wild)

I bring you card #1 a 'What about Santa' card. If only I had a nakey Santa to hide inside the card (since all his clothes are hanging by the fire!).

For this card I used the wonderful fireplace from Charmkin Cuties - Waiting for Santa file found here on KaDoodle's website. Santa's list, the holy on his boots, and the candy canes came from the Dear Santa file.

Lift up the fireplace and you have a place to write your message! 

I hope you enjoyed a little playful play on what I imagine Santa does after storing away the sleigh! Tune in tomorrow for card #2! 


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