Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Heart

I was asked to make a tropical themed grooms card. Originally we agreed to do one of my Tahitian huts, but then the bride really liked this tropical island. I found the island from SVG Attic or Snapdragon Snippets if you are using Silhouette Design Store.

Since she originally liked the hut so much, I decided to incorporate the hut as well. I knew that she had gotten a little gift to put in it so I made the huts roof removable. I then incorporated little things that mean something to them.

 Maui is where they got engaged. But Kona is one of their favorite places as well so depending on what day they feel like, they can either be in Maui...
... or flip the sign and be in Kona!

 The back side of the island
 You can't go to Hawaii and not snorkel and watch for whales! 



  1. Wow! Absolutely amazing! I love all of the extra special touches you added to this.

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