Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cancer Sucks

Chances are at least one family has had to deal with some form of cancer. I know I have it all the way around in my extended families.

Being the founder and operator of Sugar Bean Cards, one thing I like to do is make personalized cards for recipients who ask for a little cheer for their loved one. Often these are surprise cards for their loved one from me to them and no money is necessary although it has been offered in the past.

This particular card is for a lady whose daughter asked for cards for her mom. Her mom had colon cancer and they believed she was all done with all of this. However, her last scan revealed liver cancer.

I put two different colors of cancer ribbons on here, dark blue symbolizes colon cancer and green symbolizes liver.

Her favorite color is purple so I did the thermometer in purple, as well as the penguins eyes inside the card.

Which leads me to the inside of the card! Her favorite animal is a penguin and her favorite candy, hot tamales!

I hope with this card, she will be able to have a smile on her face and know that people all around are thinking of her and giving her hope!

Supplies I used:

KaDoodle Bug Designs

Check-up Kids

Cutie Katoodles- Army Penguin (with a little change up)

Virginia Turtle Stamps

Cancer sucks

Pink Lemonade and Sugar Rush sequins



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