Monday, August 10, 2015

Under the Sea

Often I have a general plan or idea in my head on how I want a project to go. However, getting it from my brain to paper can be the difficult part! I am often asked how did you do that. I can't really answer that, it just happens.

For this card, I knew that I wanted a card that was not flat, could contain a gift, and was fun to play with. So to the Silhouette store I went. After choosing the base of the card, I started with a blank sheet of white cardstock.

 After picking a mermaid theme, it came to me that I wanted the base of my card to look like fish scales. So I made up a template on my Cameo and cut it out.
 I chose my colors of ink
 And started inking. I started with the lightest color and continued to the darkest.
 With this particular project, the inking certainly does not have to be perfect! By not being perfect, it added more depth and character to the scales!

 Next I started building the elements to my card. I used KaDoodle Bug Designs Mermaid Lagoon for this little gal!
 One of the things I like to do with the eyeballs of my projects is use alcohol markers to make them more interesting than just using a flat colored piece of cardstock.

 I decided to try out two different colors. The first set has a light blue base and the second pair has a lighter tan as the base. I generally start with the lighter to the darker with alcohol markers, but it is users choice!
 I liked the second pair better so I went with them!
 Next I used these sequins from Virginia Turtle to make the mermaids legs/tail more shimmery and eye catching. Note I have the base sheet of paper already folded for easy cleanup!
 And she is starting to form. I loved the result of using the sequins on her tail!

I continued to add details until I was happy with the end result. I hope you enjoy!

 This card comes with it's own box! So of course the box had to match the base!

 The sequins that I used for the rocks to imitate sand is from Virginia Turtle's Lobster LoMein set. The 'Under the Sea' sentiment is also from Virginia Turtle! The drawer pulls out to reveal goodies or a special message.
 I left an area under the mermaid for a personalized written message.
 The top lies down flat so it can all fit back into the box!


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  1. I don't know what your vision was for this card but it turned out great. The sequins were definitely the right embellishment.


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