Saturday, July 18, 2015

Building a card from start to finish...

Many people do not realize just what really goes into making a card! So I thought I would show you a few steps in the process of making a Sugar Bean Card!

There are a few things that I really try to incorporate in each of my cards. Details is a given. I have found that my cards tend to take on a scene, I don't usually plan it that way though! I try to include a personalized message or title. An item that moves and if not that, then I will do depth or layers. I also have hidden reasonings in my cards. That will be another post sometime! 

Today I bring you a treasure chest card. 

I purchased the card base from Silhouette Design Store. 

One thing I will do if I do end up using a premade card base, is modify it to what I need it for. 

So, let us begin! 

First step in making a Sugar Bean Card is to plan. I have been given an order for six pirate themed cards. I never make the same card twice, unless requested so each card will be different. For this card, I knew that I wanted the treasure box to open to reveal the message, however I also wanted treasure to be seen inside of the box. 

I started out in my design program by picking some of the elements I definitely wanted to be on this card. 

 After sizing my project to the size I want, I then collect my supplies. 
 Even though that looks like a lot of paper for one card, I ended up using even more for added details. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR SCRAPS! 

For the person that has a Cricut or a Silhouette or any other cutting machine, they understand how tedious paper piecing can be! However for the person that doesn't understand just how our machines work, here's what each piece looks like before assembly! Some files do come out flat such as the seaweed, but pretty much everything else has some sort of dimension to it! 

Each piece has to be glued or taped or pop dotted together. This is where the time is spent. Taking the design idea from our program, to the machine, and then to the desk is the easiest part (usually). 

After piecing everything together, I can assemble and modify as needed. 

To the unsuspecting person, this just looks like a treasure box. Pop the straps though and you have a surprise waiting inside! 

Treasure! But wait, there is more....

What is a card without a place to write your special message?! 

All in all this card took me about 5 to 5 1/2 hours to make which is fairly quick for me. 

Happy crafting and enjoy. Also you can follow other projects on my fanpage at



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