Friday, September 19, 2014

What about the details?

One of the biggest compliments I receive on my work is wow the detailing is so great. So what about the details? In this blog post, I will show you just how detailing makes your project pop.

Detailing comes in several different forms. Glitter, markers, pens, paint, buttons, ribbons, etc. I keep the embellishments that I use the most in a little tackle box for quick and easy access. The tackle box allows me to organize each compartment and most importantly, keeps everything organized! One less thing to organize in my crazy chaotic life!

Below are some examples of how embellishments and detailing a project really makes a difference.
This little house is cute by itself, however I needed it to represent a winter wonderland. To give the bushes depth, not only did I add layers of different sizes of the bush, I also chose smaller pieces to pop out with pop up tabs. 
By adding more layers, it fills the bushes out. I also added white glitter to give the effect of snow on the bushes, roof, ice cycles, and windows/door. 

On this next cut, I was able to take an ordinary winter sign and add a snowman and mistletoe. I decided to add glitter to the snowmans hat, gloves, and boots as well as to the winter sign and mistletoe. 

Camping is one of the best ways to escape life! Get out in the open, roast some marshmallows, fish, hunt, just be one with nature. I decided though that the cut with no detailing was blah and almost blendable. The difference after detailing is pretty noticeable! 

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